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Ultra Thin PE Foam Tape


Product Description
super thin Polyolefin Foam as base material, and coated with adhesive on
both sides. It has good properties for waterproof, dustproof and shocking absorption.

Key Features
Used soft close cell Polyolefin Foam as base material
Offers high ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surface.
Good cushioning performance.
Good holding power.
Good properties for dustproof and shocking absorption.
Good waterproof property, up to the IPX7 standard.
Halogen free & RoHS ( environmental protection ) standard.

Application Ideas
For bonding the LCD, housings, keyboard, camera of cell phone, computer, PDA, PSP and touch panel etc.
For bonding the sign and decoration of automobile.
For bonding the nameplate.
For bonding electronic components and electronic machine, stuffing.
Applied in furniture decorate strips, photo frame, etc.
Other special product bonding solutions.


Item No. Thickness (mm) Color 180° Peel Adhesion (gf/25mm) Holding Power (h) Temperature Resistance (°C) Dimension Remark
SJ7620SHB 0.2 Black 2800 72 80 Any width x50M  
SJ7630SHB 0.3 Black 3000 72 80  
SJ7930SHB 0.3 Black 3500 72 80  
SJ7640SHB 0.4 Black 3000 72 80  
SP7640SHB 0.4 Black 3000 72 80 with PET support
SJ7650SHB 0.5 Black 2800 72 80