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Acrylic Foam Tape


Product Description
The Acrylic Foam Tape is made by special process has superior adhesion performance, good flexibility and excellent durability. The Acrylic Foam Tape can not only replace Rivets, Spot Welds, Liquid Adhesives and other permanent fasteners, but also provide convenience and simplicity for use many interior and exterior bonding application.

Key Features
High Initial and final adhesion strength.
Excellent solvent and moisture resistance.
Excellent high temperature resistance.
Excellent conformability for easy wet out.

Application Ideas
Automotive, electronics industry, the advertising industry, metal manufacturing and construction Industry。
Solar photovoltaic industry lift application.


Item No. Thickness(mm) Color 180° Peel Adhesion (gf/25mm) Dynamic Shear Strength (gf/cm2) Temperature Resistance (°C) Dimension
4020BL 0.2 Black 2500 6000 80 Any width x33M
4025W 0.25 White 2500 6000 80
4080G 0.8 Gray 4000 7000 120
4110W 1.1 White 4250 8000 120
D108G 0.8 Gray 3500 8000 120
D111W 1.1 White 4000 8000 120